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Scratching a living out of a new idea

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Here at Vinehaus we're really pleased to announce the completion of a new website for a product called SCRATCH-IT!

An odd name for a product you might think but it's such an innovative product that it just ... works. Tim Allen from The Original Scratchplate Company came to us wanting to make his idea a reality – to create a website that enabled guitarists to create their own bespoke scratchplate (or pickguard), be it electric guitar or bass.


 Users can pick the scratchplate template that matches their electric guitar or bass then, amazingly see it on the model of their own guitar in-place and then either upload their own design (full specs on measurements, etc. are on the site) or choose a design from one of the ever-growing SCRATCH-IT! categories. They can resize it, rotate it and then when they are satisfied they can go through and purchase it.

So for all those bands out there who want to 'stand out from the crowd' why not treat yourselves to a bespoke scratchplate for your guitars. You can add your own band logo, your name in a design, basically anything you like.

The number of guitar/bass templates are increasing continuously but if, by chance, the template for your own guitar/ bass model isn't listed just simply contact The Original Scratchplate Company and they will create the template for you ... at no additional cost!

We think Tim's on to a winner here – why not check it out: www.originalscratchplates.com.


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